Scientists at Work!

It’s the first week of school at the East Boston Early Education Center School, and Kindergarten and first grade students are working collaboratively to explore science topics and build a sense of community. By working on this sense of community, the students learn how to support each other and their learning. In these first weeks of school, this focus builds the structures and routines that the students will use to work together to solve problems, ask great questions, and become independent thinkers.

Kindergarten students are working together to build structures!  These students wanted to build a tall tower. They started with ideas from a book where other kids had built towers, and then translated and modified those ideas into their own tall towers.

The first grade students are working as a team to observe trees and draw the parts of the tree.  They are learning vocabulary about tree parts, diagramming the trees in their
schoolyard, and supporting each other with labeling.


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