This Week in Kindersteam

In our unit, K2 students are comparing and contrasting land snails and water snails.
Students are comparing the pictures of land snails from the Science Big Books with the water snails we have in our science centers.

After the big book reading, Steven is in one of the centers identifying parts of the snail – such as tentacle, foot, mouth, and spiral shell.

This week, First Grade students  read non-fiction texts about the life cycles of pumpkins, gourds and corn. Students are conducted observations using science tools: magnifying glasses, pencils and books. After making observations, students created and labeled drawings. Building a strong science vocabulary is an essential part of developing language and early reading skills.


Students followed the Engineering Design Process to create a stable marble ramp. First they came up with ideas. Next, they created a plan. They built the ramp and then they tested it several times and kept making improvements. The ramp wasn’t stable and kept breaking, but after a lot of hard work, they figured out what they needed to do to make the ramp’s structure stable. They were excited and gave each other high-fives to celebrate.

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