Kayke: Science Artist in Residence

Kayke is our Science Artist in Residence! Check out some of his drawings and my interview with Kayke about his science writings and drawings below:

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Don’t his drawings look amazing?  Here’s what Kayke had to say:

     I’m a first grader in Ms. Sarah’s class. I like my class and the kids think I’m a great artist.

What do you want us to know about your family?

      My family is from Brazil. We speak two different languages in my house, which is Portuguese and English. I have a baby sister named Alice. She smiles a lot and I like to play with her.

When did you “know” that you were an artist?

      When I drew the feathered dragon. I was six years old and liked to draw with markers and black pens. Dragons are dinosaurs that have wings (in my book).

What is your favorite food?

     My favorite food is hamburgers with ketchup.

What inspires you as an artist?

      Every time I see a different dragon I want to draw it. I also like to come up with the ideas in my brain. It’s like my brain takes a picture and the hand starts drawing. Kids ask me to draw things for them now, but I want to teach them how to do it and then I will help them. I taught Michael how to draw dragons. 


Did you ever think that you would become a famous classroom and science artist?

     Well, I keep practicing my drawings in class and at home. I keep getting better. I know draw pictures for science posters and I have a journal you gave me. Maybe one day I can have a show at the school.

Ms. Alicia: Kayke, you are a talented artist and you keep practicing. You draw more than dragons. You recently drew “The Enchanted Tree” puppet for me. I showed the K2 students and they loved it. (Kayke gives me a big smile.)

     Well, I can draw all sorts of things. I’m glad the younger kids liked it. I can teach them too.

Have you ever used other art materials in your work?

     I like to use pens with black ink. I also used coloring pens. They’re pens with different colored inks. I like to use paint. I have drawn on different types of paper and wood. I now draw in the journal you gave me.

Is there anything you want people to know about you?

     I like Minecraft and when I grow up I want to be one of the best artists in the world.

Ms. Alicia – I’m sure you will.


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