A Growth Mindset

“A connected teacher with a growth-mindset is more important than any robotic device.”

~ Amy Westman

“If the mind of a student isn’t engaged, understanding and content mastery don’t stand a chance; If the mind and heart together aren’t engaged, long-term retention and transfer of understanding and content mastery are unlikely as well.”

~ Read in an Edutopia article

img_5199.jpgKindergarten Wood and Paper Unit

The Kindergarten Scientists have been introduced to a variety of wood (and paper later on in the unit) in a systematic way. They’re observing properties of wood and discovering what happens when they test and interact with pine, plywood, partial board and basswood. Young scientists are learning that wood can be recycled to create new forms that have different properties. They’re making comparisons between different types of wood and the concept of trees as an important resource.

Quotations From Students:

Adam and Samuel – “We built a birdhouse out of wood from a tree that lived in a forest.”

Nasir – “I’m building a tree house with pine wood.”

Mateo – “I’m building a tree house 8 stories high.”

Imani, Cela, and Aaron – “We are still working on a door to go into spaces. Imani is building a backyard that you can get to through the door.  Then, we are going to make a big house.”

Juancamilo – “There is a slide – the watch-out slide!  There are lasers [and] a knife machine that cuts. Superman destroyed the watch-“

Olive – “We are building a structure and we are working together. Everyone has a job but I’m the boss.”


Grade 1 Liquids and Solids

The first grade scientists are investigating the similarities and differences in a variety of common solids and liquids like syrup, soap, glue, and water. First, they observed, described and compared a collection of solid objects located in the science/library. Next they are focusing on color, shape, texture, and hardness. They’re experimenting with objects rolling, stacking, floating, sinking as well as whether the objects are attracted to a magnet.

We will move on to the investigation of liquids after February break. Scientists will investigate how various liquids look and feel, their fluidity, how they mix water, and their degree of absorption.

Quotations From Students:

Carlos – “We are predicting what will happen to the solid metal ball when we blow the air from the straw.”

Angel – “I’m testing which solids move slow or quickly. If it’s heavier it’s going to move slower and if it’s lighter it will move faster. Some solids like the metal ball can spin if you pinch it with your finger.”

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