New Partnership With the deCordova Museum

I now have a partnership with the deCordova Museum in Lincoln, MA!

I am working with Julie Bernson, who reached out to me at the Wheelock College STEM Weekend. She is the Deputy Director for Learning and Engagement at the museum. Julie and I are working together to develop curriculum that builds on the existing Boston Public Schools science curriculum for Kindergarten and Grade 1. Students and their families from the EEC will be visiting the museum as well. The field trip for Kindergarten will focus on physical science. This is based on a unit that I am developing for kindergarten students. It is not a part of the Boston science curriculum, but will align with school and district goals. These goals are to to increase student engagement and involve students in cognitively demanding tasks that are developmentally appropriate.

There’s an app that you can use with you child to help them discover aicon350x350nd explore physics in daily life, such as on the playground. Using Playground Physics, you can record a video of yourself or your friends, tap points along the way to trace a path of motion and discover the motion, forces and energy involved. Users enter measurements (height of object, mass of object being tracked) to understand how a person’s potential or kinetic energy changes as he or she moves.

Grade 1

The current unit for Grade 1 science curriculum is focused on weather.



The Weather Wheel game on the Sid The Science Kid site is a great way to engage your child in weather-related STEM activities at home.


Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 10.27.07 AM.pngThomas Edison’s Secret Lab is a STEM based animation series for children ages 5-9. Thomas Edison is brought back to life as a hologram and guides students through STEM related activities. It engages students in physical science, life science, earth science and space science, as well as other subjects. The site also introduces children to other famous scientists. The site has printable activities and games. TV episodes are available on Netflix.

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