A Day At deCordova

June 2017 has been extremely busy. During the past two weeks, the Kindergarten and Grade 1 classes took a field trip to the deCordova Sculptural Park and Museum. Students were very engaged and made connections to this year’s science, technology and engineering curriculum. This is the second year of our STEAM partnership with the deCordova museum. We’d like to express a huge THANK YOU to Julie Benson for our continued collaboration and partnership!


Kindergarten Class Photos and Quotes:

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“I see a robin bird”

“Look! Mother Earth at her best”

The Wood Sculpture

“Looks like a mountain, a big building, It looks like a boat. I see people.”
“The structure is biodegradable and returning back to Mother Earth.”

“Rain Gates Structure”

“The listening Stone: He is listening to Father Earth.”
“He is listening to Mother Earth because she is talking.”

“She is saying to lay down, to protect the ground.”

“This is a ramp for the people. He used 3D shapes, semi circles, cylinders, it looks like a tunnel. It’s made out of steel.”

“The Corten steel changes with the environment because of rain and snow. It’s cold in the winter and hot I. The summer. The weather changes the color of the metal and the wind too. The steel can handle the weather.”

“We saw the three winds sculpture.”

Grade 1 Class Photos and Quotes: 

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“The Cylinder Sculpture” (what the students called it)

“I see circle and they’re all different sizes.”
“The sculpture made circles and reuses the materials.”
“I see the medium and that small circles are the best. Some are really not a cylinder.”
“It feels like you’re looking through a telescope.”
“When I look through the circles it feels like I’m looking into a different world.”
Black Woman – “Eva Celebrant”
Guide: This sculpture tells the story of Adam and Eve. She’s holding a pomegranate. The seeds symbolize having lots of good wishes to happen to you. This is Alice’s Garden and she is the protector.
“She woman looks like a mystery. I noticed that her clothes are different”
“It looks like she is holding something round like a sphere. It looks like she may throw it.”
“She looks like she is a beautiful person.”
“She looks like she is about to dance.”
What is the sculpture made of? Stone, a hard piece of metal?
“It’s made of bronze. It’s green because a special chemical is put on it and it will change the color.”
“She looks like she is holding a crystal and she looks powerful and pretty.”
Sculpture on the Hill
Student hypothesized about the sculpture:
“It looks like its a tree growing out of a rock”
“It looks like sticks”
“I think it’s made out of sticks”
“This sculpture is cool.”
“It looks like a villain”
“It look awesome to me”
Guide: This artist goes into the woods, gets sticks and goes back to his studio. He then creates. He has a mold made and sends it to the foundry and they pour the bronze into the mold.
“The sculpture is at a higher distance so you can see the sculpture better”
“It is camouflaged from the grown at first because it looks like a tree growing from the ground.”
“The figure is trying to get something from the sky.”
“It gives the impression that it’s moving”
“It’s twisting out of the rock like a tornado”
“This sculpture is flowing”
Music Sculpture
Guide: This artist lives in Groton. It’s very important to the artist to incorporate sound.
“The rods make different sound.”
“The taller rods make a dark sound.”
Rain Gates Sculpture:
“This sculpture is like the rain gauges that collect rain water. We learned about them with Ms. Alicia and we measured how much rain fell in Boston for a week.”
“It looks like the head of a dinosaur”
“How does the water flow from the rock?”
“The other rock sculpture looks like a dinosaur drinking water.”
“There are five rain gates”
“The water flows like a river”
“We can make sculptures out of granite stone at school.”
We saw granite and marble stone
“We saw the listening stone and it was made out of granite.”
“Be like a listening stone and listen everyone.”

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