Welcome To LEGO STEAM Park

Hello, Families and Friends of Young STEAM Inventors:

Yesterday on November 1, 2017, LEGO Education launched its STEAM Park kit for preschool-aged students and the early education classroom!


As you know, I have had a relationship with LEGO Education for two years now (let me first state  that I will not receive affiliate compensation for any of the links included in this post). The kit is supported by a lot of research on STEAM education and early childhood education, and includes a curriculum full of activities that teachers and parents can do with their students. This semester, I worked with LEGO Education on the kits and provided them feedback that they could use in developing the activities. All of our work that we’ve been doing with your students for the past few months has been packaged into the following video and case study, and you should definitely check them both out!


Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 10.54.16 AM


The official launch happened at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan in New York City. At the East Boston Early Education Center, I – along with some of my colleagues and students – greeted the new STEAM Park kit with our own “pomp and circumstance” in the form of making.

Here are images of our students exploring the new STEAM Park kit together. They’re officially early adopters! I’ve also shared with you several videos that were taken of students and instructors in action during the East Boston EEEC launch. You can watch them at the end of this blog post.


You can see more of how the launch unfolded on LEGO Education’s Facebook page, and get a glimpse at how my day went on my Twitter feed @ACarrrollYSI. Be sure to tweet #YSI and let me know that you read this blog post. Also, check out the press release for the STEAM Park kit on Business Insider and the review from Geek Mom.


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