One Month of STEAM Park in the Young STEAM Inventors Classroom


“Wonder is the mother of all science.” ~ John Dewey, How We Think

It has been a month since the launch of the LEGO STEAM Park kit. Here is my original post on the launch at the East Boston EEC, in case you missed it. The Young STEAM Inventors have been using the blocks in the kit to make observations and have several insights. I invite you to check out the photos I’ve included below of the students and what they had to say.


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This slideshow requires JavaScript.



“I started with my idea to make this tower, and I had a boat. I need to figure out how to hang the boat so it can float in the air.”


“I looked at one of the maps and got an idea to use the crane to lift the boat up high. The balloons can be there in case my idea doesn’t work.”


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“I built a slide car. I had an idea and made it. I want to put on two flags on the top because the wind will make my car move faster.”


“I put two flags on it and a cloud. The wind blows from the cloud onto the flag and makes my car move faster.”


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“Once upon a time, there was a Christmas tree store where people buy Christmas trees. Next, someone built a Christmas tree car to go around the back of the store to pick up their tree.”


“I had to balance the orange brick by using three yellow blocks and one blue block. Then, I used two long yellow blocks to make it even. Now, I want to add a crane to carry all the Christmas trees to the Christmas tree shop.”


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