Physics in the Young Child’s Classroom

“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.”

~ Albert Einstein

All children come to school with a rich background of experiences that have shaped who they are. I value all of those experiences in the Science Classroom/ Makerspace.

Students will use new and interesting materials to explore phenomena and the scientific theme of Physics through Balls and Ramps. They will observe, question, analyze and communicate their thoughts and record their findings through writing. Students will process their experiments for meaning through discussions, charts and in their notebook pages.

The first theme we will explore are the properties and characteristics of balls. Students observe, use, and compare different balls. We will examine the size, material and weights of different types on balls. Students have started using balls this week to bounce, weigh, and roll them. We are constructing stable ramps to test the balls on ramps.

The second theme will explore the different variables that affect the way balls behave. We will look at properties and characteristics balls. We will students will explore how balls are affected by gravity, inertia, momentum and friction.

Below are some photos of our young physicists at Work-Play in the Makerspace!


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