Exploring Frank Lloyd Wright in the YSI Makerspace

“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you…it is necessary to learn from trees, flowers, shells—objects which contain truths of form following function.”

~ Frank Lloyd Wright


“Ms. Alicia, can we tell our parents about what we learned this week?” asks Matteo – a young kindergarten student – as he sketches his skyscraper inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright.

“What a great idea, Matteo! I’m going to ask kids to tell me about what they’re learned in the young Steam Inventors Makerspace this week.”

“Awesome! Ms. Alicia,” says Matteo.

Last week, all the preschool, kindergarten, and first grade students learned learned about Frank Lloyd Wright, the famous architect. Here is what these Young STEAM Inventors wanted you to know:

1. “When he was a kid, he used blocks to build with.”


2. “He liked to draw circles, rectangles, cubes, hexagons and other shapes. He liked bright colors too.”


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3. “He liked to take walks in the forest and look at trees and what animals were doing. Some of them were making more babies and some of them were getting food for the winter.”


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4. “He said a skyscraper was like a tree that escaped from the forest.”


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5. “He was inspired by nature. He looked at a yellow butterfly in the forest and came up with the idea to make a butterfly stained glass window.”


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6. “He designed more than buildings and houses. He designed rugs, chairs and dishes you could eat out of.”


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7. “He had his own ideas like Zaha Hadid did ,who was an architect, too. He wanted to be different.”


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8. “He became famous and rich. It costs millions and zillions to buy one of his houses.”


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9. “The Price Tower, which he designed after he saw tall trees in the forest, is the only skyscraper that he ever designed in his whole life.”


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