Sharing Resources for STEM and Early Childhood Education

For my readers who are educators:  I hope you enjoyed National Teacher Appreciation Week last week and truly felt appreciated by someone in a special way! The work that we do is very important, and so I wanted to be sure to share some resources that teachers and families can use to keep enriching the lives of young students.

On STEM Education

  1. The Captain Planet Foundation recently launched a new app to promote environmentalism. Download it today from the App Store and Google Play!
  2. 8 Eye-Opening Ways Kids Benefit From Experiences With Nature by Christopher Bergland for Psychology Today
  3. The Value of Tinkering by Aaron Schomburg for Scientific American
  4. How To Pick a Great Educational Science Toy by Ben Newsome for Fizzics Education
  5. Girl Scouts Add 30 New Badges in Robotics, Science and Engineering by Nicole Lyn Pesce for New York Post 
  6. Will K-12 Students Be Ready For the Technology of the Future? by Kelly Konrad for EdTech Magazine
  7. What Really Keeps Girls of Color Out of STEM? by Emilio Pack for Education Week
  8. Study Confirms Project-Based Learning Has a Positive Impact On How Students Learn Science and Math by Dr. Kerry Speziale for DefinedSTEM

On Early Childhood Education

  1. We Need to Make Kindergarten Engaging Again by Dr. Christopher Brown for Psychology Today
  2. Best Children’s Books Of the Year by Bank Street College of Education
  3. The 17 Picture Books of 2019 That You Need on Your Child’s Shelf by Alessia Santoro on Pop Sugar

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