Farewell To The 2018-2019 School Year

Families, Friends, and Fellow Educators:

The school year has ended for Boston Public Schools! I have done some packing up and cleaning out in the Science Makerspace, and will now make sure I rest, reflect, and get ready for this upcoming school year in the next few months.

That being said, now is the time for your Young STEAM Inventor to continue being immersed in engaging and authentic learning experiences. This does not have to happen in a summer camp classroom. There are many ways to provide these experiences for your student:


  • Explore the resources on this website. My Resources page links to several apps that are great for young children to practice important skills, such as literacy, numeracy, and problem-solving. You can download the website one-pager for my top picks on educational websites and products for STEAM, such as LEGO Steam Park.



Of course, there are many more ways that I did not list here. Still, I hope that you are able to seek out these particular resources for your student and can share their experiences with me!


All the best,


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